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BRANCH / AREA Absa insurance COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 11:33 Mon 30 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE Absa insurance
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Insurance claim ABSA Home loan

Good day my name is David Jacobus de Beer. I phoned my Home loans insurance to claim that my house is suffering damages due to major excavating and compacting excersizes being done arround my home actualy rght next to me and at the back of my house. These excersises has already caused my Shower to seperate from my house and sever cracks at critical places on the foundation and corner support. They send out a Lady on the 23rd of August to investigate this while we were speaking all the noise and the vibrations were so noisy that we could hardly hear each other she went back to ABSA stating that she could not find the cause. I phoned Absa insurance again on the 12th of September and accused them of not dealing with the Cleints problem as tese damages is not attended i requested that i sivils engineer with an assesor to come and investigate my claim the came and left did not properly invetigate the people they send said that they would contact me when they will investigate this did not happen I am now still waiting for the insurer to give me feed back and proper investigation.
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Absa Time and Date 16:11:00 | Mon 30 Sep 13
Hello Davidjacobus1234,

Dear Customer

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We will investigate the matter and furnish feedback shortly.

Kind regards

Daphne Le Grange

Group Customer Care

Absa Bank Ltd

CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK Davidjacobus1234 Time and Date 10:53:58 | Wed 23 Oct 13
Utterly Disgusted: they just pphoned me and said your claim has been denied. How wonderfull i would like to change my home loan from them.


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