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BRANCH / AREA Gauteng COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 13:43 Thu 9 May PERSON RESPONSIBLE Control Room
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Increase/Decrease in Fee - False Promises

We received a text message in February 2013 advising of an increase in fees. I contacted ADT advising that we were in the process of obtaining quotes from another Security Company in the area to. I received a call from ADT assuring me that they will relook the increase and I eventually receive an e-mail confirming a better rate. In this I'm also promised technical support and I offer to pay for extra panic buttons. The fee is decreased but we didn't hear anything about the free technical support or panic buttons. I was also promised feedback on the slow response time in the area.
We discovered earlier this week, that there are definately a problem and we required technical support. Hours on the telephone later and NOTHING has been done yet. The e-mails, just reminders of a empty promises. A technical support team was supposed to phone me earlier - I still haven't heard anything. And the person who initially promised me everything... I begged him to please just phone me back but now we will definatley have no option but to change of service provider. ADT, thanks for nothing!
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Adt Security Time and Date 14:17:28 | Thu 9 May 13
Hello buitenle,

We thank you for bringing this to our attention, you will be contacted by someone, where they will look to assist you further.
Kind regards
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