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 Apple South Africa Complaint


Apple South Africa

INDUSTRY Electronics
BRANCH / AREA South Africa COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 21:00 Wed 8 May PERSON RESPONSIBLE Apple Support
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Itunes Support

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Apple dont care about their customers

I am horribly disappointed with apple and itunes south africa. If i had known how shocking the south african itunes would be in terms of availability of apps and how limited it was I would NEVER have purchased an ipad and taken an iphone on my phone contract. When i explained my frustrations to the core group first time around, i was told to open a kenyan itunes account because south african credit cards will work. I did this and it worked for some time. Until my credit card expired and i had to update the details on itunes which of course it rejected the new details. Im unable to get access to any of my purchased items nor can i make new purchases!

I want all my money back for all the items i paid for and i want refunds on both my ipad and iphone so i can change over to android!!!!!


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Thu 17 April 2014
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