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 Coca-cola Uk Complaint


Coca-cola Uk

BRANCH / AREA Swinderm UK COUNTRY United Kingdom
TIME / DATE 16:15 Sun 17 Nov PERSON RESPONSIBLE Robert Parker
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Coca Cola Competition

te in and the next I received a phone call from Monica Dube I have to pay R13800 to receive the money Like a fool I paid it Received various emails from the UK from a Mr Robert Parker to say the money will be paid over to me Then I receive calls from Monica Dube to state that i have to pay another R50,000 Yet again I pay I was promised that i will receive the money the Friday. Nothing happened Next I receive an email from Mr Parker that if I want the money I must go to UK to receive it there. I replied I do not have the money It was very quiet for more than a month. Last week I received the call from Mr Johnston stating that he will pay the money over because Mr R Park?r said it must be done Then he claimed R12000 to be paid first for handling fee and the Reserve Bank foreign money department said that is the amount to be paid. I said I do not have the money they halfed the amount but it must be paid before friday because Mr Johnson and Monica Dube leaving for the UK friday past Idid not pay the money. Both claim that they work at the Reserve Bank foreign money department.


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Thu 30 October 2014
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