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Companies Who Don't Respond (6)

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The companies listed below have had at least 5 reports written about them in the last 365 days. As they are not Companies Who Respond, they cannot respond to your reports, because they are not provided with your contact details.
Once a Company registers and becomes a Company Who Responds, it is removed from this list and transferred onto the list of Companies Who Respond, so enjoying all the benefits of existing Companies Who Respond.

Total Reports (last 12 months)Company Compliment Complaint Total Ratio
Yamaha 2 9 11 18%
Youi Insurance 2 4 6 33%
Your Fit Store 10 6 16 62%
Yuppie Gadgets 8 4 12 66%
Yuppiechef 46 12 58 79%
Yvonne Nathan Real Estate Management 2 3 5 40%
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Thu 11 February 2016
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