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INDUSTRY Personnel Agency
BRANCH / AREA durban COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 12:04 Mon 2 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE staffing direct
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I need my u19 form

I was employed by Staffing direct in 2006 as a temp in a cellc call center till 2008 .then cellc made me pemanent there after. Now I am currently unemployed and I need to claim for my UIF , I have my u19 from cellc but derpatment of labour also wants one from Staffing Direct Agency. I called their head office and I was advised to call Call Force recruiting agency as tbat is who was sub contracting under their name in that period of my employment , I've been given several numbers to call, I spoke to Portia on an 011. Number they gave me and asked for Durban branch she said she doesn't know where it is , I spoke to Rene on a Durban 0318227678. Number and I was promised someone will, call me with feefback but no one ever calls me back , this has been going on since begining of August 2013, I call back every 2 days bt everytime I'm given a diff excuse .

I'm unemployed I am a single parent of two , I don't have an income, I can't claim for uif staffing direct / Call Force Agency is giving me the run around, I am desparate I don't have the luxury of spending so much airtimeI need help.


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Sat 23 August 2014
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