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BRANCH / AREA Stellenbosch COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 10:46 Thu 26 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE Nana Wagner
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Late / No Delivery

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Ripping off overseas visitors

I'm a tour guide in Cape Town and had a couple buy a vase from Nana Wagner in May 2012. They paid for it by credit card and paid an additional amount to ship the vase to Kentucky, US. After 3 months the vase had not arrived and since I tour regularly in Stellenbosch, I called in to enquire about it. I was given a tracking number for the SAPO which I tracked online and guess what? The package was mailed back to Mrs Wagner. I then asked her to use a courier but she insisted that she had never had any trouble with the Post Office. Over the months that followed, I repeatedly returned to the shop to chase up the vase. I was told every time that she did not have the receipt book with the tracking number - it was with her accountant. However, she remembered the customers and the vase. It is now September 2013 and I last went to the shop just over a month ago. I told her we'd had enough and preferred that she would just refund the credit card. I've just received a mail from the traveller to say that there is still no refund. It's been 16 months and at least 6 personal visits to the woman. I've also seen 2 similar complaints about the Cameo on Tripadvisor - looks like a serial *********..


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Tue 23 September 2014
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