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 Emfuleni Municipality Complaint


Emfuleni Municipality

INDUSTRY Municipal
BRANCH / AREA Vanderbijlpark COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 16:37 Fri 6 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE All of them
CUSTOMER Adriaan F View all reports by user

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Incompetent municipality employees

I would like to thank our municipality for their pathetic services provided for the past??...24 months? I've being paying my *** off on water and lights and now all of a sudden I received a water bill of almost R8000 for only water.
I went to the municipality to resolve the problem and the ONLY thing they could tell me is, I have to pay the amount of R8000 because they only took an estimate water reading since 2011 and that they've "actually decided to start doing their job for what they've being paid for (by us), for the past 2 years". Now because they never knew how to take the water readings I have to suffer and I believe that half of the Vanderbijlpark is suffering with me now.
I know that nothing can and will be done about this, but I really hope that the "competent" person/s employed in our municipalities will get what they deserve one day. O, and that includes the management.


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Sun 31 August 2014
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