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INDUSTRY Medical Aid
BRANCH / AREA Johannesburg COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 12:36 Tue 6 Aug PERSON RESPONSIBLE Too many...
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Pathetic service and Rip off's!!!

Fed Health was a waste of time, so i cancelled my services in June, they sent me a termination letter, that as of the 30th June my membership was terminated, I have gone into the Optometrist in April and due to me terminating due to their bad service, they have rejected the claim and **** to the optometrist stating that i terminated in April, so they cannot pay them... NOW THE ****** OPTOMETRIST SENDS ME SM'S'S STATING THAT I OWE THEM... Fed health is Pathetic, i paid almost R7000 for those few months and only claimed like R3000 with my glasses and now they refuse to pay, this is why i cancelled with them, they are uses-less and only eat peoples money, but cannot provide when needed...
After ripping me off for all that cash, now they still ripping me off and threatening to list me for R125.60 which was a claim that they had rejected, as i still had funds on the scheme to use.
I will take this further should they not pay up the optometrist, as I have proof as to when the termination took place and will send very and take it very, I AM SICK AND ****** TIRED OF FEDHEALTH, USELESS, USELESS, USELESS, MEDICAL AID SCHEME... I will go to the Media and further with this. Tired of FH
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Fedhealth Medical Scheme Time and Date 12:41:02 | Tue 6 Aug 13
Hello Jenel,

We are terrible sorry about this, and we can understand that you are very frustrated. Please allow our team to investigate your query and one of the agents will be in touch with you shortly.
We do sincerely apologise,
Warm Regards
The Fedhealth Online Team
UPDATED RESPONSE Fedhealth Medical Scheme Time and Date 14:18:30 | Wed 7 Aug 13
Hello Jenel,

The reason you experienced the problem you refer to is do to the Scheme not receiving your contribution for the month of June. Please bear in mind that Fedhealth (like most) is an arrears charging scheme, so the monthly contribution we receive from members is for cover already received by them in the month that precedes payment. Your membership was cancelled by yourself on 29 May 2013, with the effective termination date being 30 June 2013. So even though you cancelled your membership at the end of May, you were still due to pay the contribution for June - as that covers the treatment received by you throughout all of May. By you stopping payment to the Scheme with your bank, we were denied the payment due to us. The Scheme therefore was only following the same procedure that applies to all members. There have since been numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact you, with voice messages left. An email (that we have on file) was also sent to you addressing the matter in detail. It's a great pity that you weren't available to respond to calls and e-mails as this situation could have been resolved amicably without causing you this frustration. Regards Fedhealth Online Team.


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