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Damaged my car

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A Fidelity Security Guard damaged my car

A Fidelity Security guard by the name of Sello Mosia closed a gate while I was driving in a complex (Midlands Estate in Midrand) to visit a friend resulting in my car getting a dent three days ago (04June2013), I asked for his supervisor and he gave a number of the person (Mr Van Wyk) who hangs up when I call. I then contacted the Fidelity Securities head office (05 June 13) and they have asked me to send them an email detailing the incident, I was then told they will investigate and get back to me, I called the lady by the name Jenine (Fidelity Security's customer relations) this morning 09:18am and she said she will get back to me when she gets back at the office. Until now I have not heard from them.

Can anybody please help
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Fidelity Security Services Time and Date 14:55:51 | Tue 11 Jun 13
Hello buti,

Good Day Sir,

We herewith confirm receipt of your query and will investigate and provide feedback soonest.

Fidelity Security Services (Pty) Ltd
Customer Relations
UPDATED RESPONSE Fidelity Security Services Time and Date 15:55:33 | Thu 10 Oct 13
Hello buti,

Good Day,

We have escalated your matter to the relevant department for feedback.

Customer Care
CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK buti Time and Date 13:55:04 | Thu 10 Oct 13
Utterly Disgusted: Hi,

The last time I heard from the Fidelity gentlemen that called me, he told me he had fired and it is the responsibility of the body corporate to fix my car not Fidelity Security CO. I since waited the call from the body corporate rep since he promised to refer the matter to them.

and to answer you question no the matter was not dealt with to my satisfaction.



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