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First National Bank

BRANCH / AREA Sea Point COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 16:27 Tue 21 May PERSON RESPONSIBLE Lennie Metcalfe
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Going the Extra Mile

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Friendly, smart, efficient, honest service

We visited FNB Sea Point Branch today to extend our existing home loan. Lennie Metcalfe assisted us and she was absolutely wonderful. She explained all the different options we have, called up an FNB homeloans specialist at a different branch, made an appointment for us with the specialist, helped us to complete our application form more favourably, scanned and mailed all our relevant documentation to the expert at hand and gave us her number and contact details, should we need any more help. It was an pleasure to deal with such a friendly, professional, knowledgeable person on our very first visit regarding this rather daunting process. I hope the entire process goes just as smoothly. Thank you.
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE First National Bank Time and Date 08:32:12 | Wed 22 May 13
Hello carienf,

Thank you sharing your wonderful experience with us!

This has been passed on to Our Banking Channels Management to commend Lennie Metcalfe on the excellent customer service.

Kind Regards
Celeste Kruger
Complaints Resolution
CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK carienf Time and Date 07:47:51 | Fri 24 May 13
Quite Impressed: It was a compliment - didn't really expect it to be handled?


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