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INDUSTRY Financial
BRANCH / AREA Bellville COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 16:12 Fri 7 Mar PERSON RESPONSIBLE Corne du Toit, Minett...
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Breach of Contract

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Quick to Give - Very Slow to Give your Money Back

I entered into a contract with Marcel from Instastocx on Tuesday, 4 March 2014 to purchase his Stock Market Product. The product was handed to me on the spot & so was the payment taken from my card at the same brisk speed. The contract stated that I had a 5 day cooling off period & that it would be best if the box was not opened. The following morning I contacted Marcel & his office to inform them that I will be taking up the offer of cancelling the sale. This is where my frustration started. I simply wanted to return the box & get the funds reversed on my card. Delays, Delays, Delays & false promises followed. A meeting was set up today at 14:00 only for the "wrong person" to pitch who was not allowed to take possession of the unopened product. All the people responsible for returns conveniently leave at 14:00 on Friday's. Let's hope & see if the Director will pitch for our 09:00 meeting on Monday, 10 March 2014 while they are still keeping my funds.


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Tue 03 March 2015
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