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BRANCH / AREA Richards Bay KZN COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 16:41 Thu 21 Nov PERSON RESPONSIBLE Lancet / SCS/L attorneys
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Was handed over to attorneys SCS/L Marks

I'm on chronic medicine and every 6 months the doctor must draw blood to renew my prescription for my chronic medicine. On 24 Octber 2013 @ 12:32 i received an sms saying that my account was handed over to SCS/L attorneys and to avoid further action i must contact them on 0873516527 with Ref:Y4774431. I NEVER received an account from Lancet that i owe them money. After further investigation i found that LANCET put the WRONG practise code for the specific doctor on the account and that is why the medical aid didn't pay the account. If this is how Lancet is operating i am going to stop using the chronic medicine and they will be held liable if anything happens to me because of me not taking my chronic medicine. the day i phoned Lancet i was told that 2 of my accounts was not been paid by my medical aid. One for 9/04/2013 and the other 1 for 1/10/2013. How can they held ME responsible if Lancet put the WRONG practise number on the accounts that they submit to the medical aid?
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Lancet Time and Date 10:03:24 | Thu 5 Dec 13
Hello Lona,

We apologise for the error - your referring doctor has 2 practices and regrettably, the incorrect Practice was used. This has been fixed and the account withdrawn from the collections agency.

CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK Lona Time and Date 14:19:11 | Tue 26 Nov 13
Utterly Disgusted: Up till now NOBODY from Lancet came back to me!!! So i am sitting with a bad credit record!! They made a mistake not me...


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