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LG Electronics

INDUSTRY Electronics
BRANCH / AREA Cape Town COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 11:51 Thu 31 Oct PERSON RESPONSIBLE David sparrow
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6 months ago my LG stove broke. After numerous attempts to get hold of anyone at LG (no one answers the phone or cuts you off). I was sent a technician (Ian) from LG who told me they needed to order a part which was R1000 which I had to pay upfront before they ordered it. This was on top of the R650 odd I had to pay for 'call out'. I waited about 3 months and nothing. In the mean time my LG dishwasher was faulty so I called IAN to come fix that too whilst I was still waiting for the stove part. He said I needed to pay other R1000 odd but as I already suspected a rat I told him to use the money I had paid to come fix the dishwasher and when the stove part 'finally arrives' I would pay him again. We'll he eventually came after a few phone calls. My dishwasher worked for about a month and is broken again and I have yet to hear a single thing from "IAN". It is about 6 months now and still nothing. Attempting to get hold of anyone at LG is one big JOKE. No one gives a **** and one would swear they are run out a garage with the pathetic unprofessional service they offer. This is LG for heavens sakes- ment to be a respected brand and company? Do not buy LG whatever u do people!!!!


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Fri 24 October 2014
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