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BRANCH / AREA Waterkloof - Solomon Mah... COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 09:11 Wed 17 Jul PERSON RESPONSIBLE Kitchen Staff
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No hash-brown & 1 teaspoon of sauce?

On Friday evening I purchased 2 Big Mac's and 2 Texan burgers on the way home from work. At home I noticed that neither of the Texan burgers had a hash-brown on. I had never before tried the Texan burger and the only reason I did try it was because of the advert I saw in-store - depicting the hash-brown - I felt like having one. I did not return the food that night as I had just spent more than an hour travelling home from work and was in no mood to travel all the way back for a hash-brown...

When I then proceeded to eat my Big Mac's; I was disappointed yet again! Each burger had no more that a teaspoon of sauce on - I even took a photo which I would be happy to share with you.

Another issue is that almost every time I visit one of your outlets, my requests seem to fall on deaf ears; I despise tomato and always request that they hold it back but I often have to remove it myself. What is the point of them typing "no tomato" on the order if the person preparing the meal pays absolutely no attention to the request? I may as well not bother asking...!

I understand that I am not dining at a 5-Star establishment but surely I can expect the basics to be done correctly?


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Wed 16 April 2014
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