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BRANCH / AREA Mooikoof COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 15:05 Wed 18 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE Natasha Pitt
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Multi Destinations Club – MDC

Hi All,

I submitted a complaint about Multi Destination Club two weeks ago - I complaint about MDC not: (1)delivering the service as expected, and (2) providing to my needs for holidays. My wife and I decided to visit their offices in Mooikloof this morning. We were assisted by Ms Natasha Pitt.

We were completely impressed with our interactions with MDC:
Firstly, Natasha was extremely competent and a subject matter expert. I realised that the majority of our frustrations were borne from us not understanding the entire MDS/VRS service offering. She presented a list of resorts (owned and managed by MDC) to us.
Secondly, as an investment, one has the opportunity to sell or keep ones portfolio - irrespective of one's choice, the possibility to reserve/book a holiday is always available.

My gains for today were:
1. Better understanding of my investment. I realised that my anger was due to my own inability to understand the investment better.
2. My December holiday options are being addressed by MDC- will use my points
3. At least one holiday for next year has already been booked using my points.

Thanks MDC for delivering my expectations.

Richard Flame
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Multi Destinations Club ... Time and Date 09:13:27 | Thu 19 Sep 13
Hello RichardFlame,

Thank you for your response and please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any further information or assistance.

Kind regards
The MDC Team


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