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Bunch of incompetents at MTN Call Centre and VVM

For almost one year and MTN Legal can't solve a simple matter. No one knows what they are doing together with their collections, VVM. Every time I call the useless call centre agent will promise to deal with the matter urgently and the next thing I get is more demand and threats from their collections partners. It is so stupid because the number that they call me and text me on regarding the debt that doesn't exist is not suspended, and they can't even notice that. How can a number linked to an account in arreas still be operational? Isn't it MTN policy to suspend a number in arreas? Who am I kidding, I doubt anyone knows about such a policy in that circus, or is there one? To top it all, I actual renewed by contract EARLY this year, if I owed MTN as much as VVM claims I do, would I be elegible for an upgrade? It's sad that a multinational company is run like a tuck shop and fails to service the people that keep it profitable. This is my second post on this matter following my previous post EARLY this year that got nothing from MTN. Bunch of lunatics at MTN and VVM. All VVM knows is pushing SPAM instead of acting like a legal entity. They make a great joke of their organizations.
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Mtn Time and Date 18:03:33 | Tue 30 Jul 13
Hello BhekiBSD,

Thank you for your post. We appreciate that you have made us aware of the issue experienced.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kindly note that we have tried contacting you today on the number provided on your post without any luck.

Would you kindly respond to the email that was sent to you so that the matter may be investigate and feedback provided to you.

Rest assured, it is not our intention to displease you.

CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK BhekiBSD Time and Date 05:42:02 | Wed 31 Jul 13
Not Impressed: I received one call from your number and couldn't take it because I was in a meeting.
You welcome to call me again on the same number. I hope you investigated my concern already because it would be a pointless exercise to discuss a matter that you have little or no understanding of. My account number is provided on the report. It would be great if you would listen to the correspondence linked to that account, that's why you record our calls, right?


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