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INDUSTRY Telecommunications
BRANCH / AREA Call Center COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 20:59 Mon 23 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE Mphomotseng Sekese
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Query not logged

So I have phoned MTN SP (808) on Sunday morning to log a query on my account and spoke to the above mentioned person and was told that she has logged the query for the network department to sort out and was never given a reference number. On Monday night this is still not fixed so I had to follow up again and spoke to Mpho Mosipo that advised me that it was never logged WOW MTN what **** service so thanks to Mpho as she did logged the query as she gave me a reference number Thanks for the great service from Mpho GOLD STAR * for you BUT MTN needs to jack up there service no wonder you loosing so many customers....
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Mtn Time and Date 09:36:49 | Mon 30 Sep 13
Hello donaldw,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We apologise for your inconvenience experienced due to the unprofessional behaviour of our employee. It was thoughtful of you to inform us about the incidence promptly and brought it to our notice, which provides us a chance to deal with this unprofessional service.

We will also like to bring it to your kind attention that, all our employees are well trained in dealing with the customers and to provide them most efficient services. We assure you, such problem will not arise again and our employees will be extra careful while dealing with our valued customers.

This matter has been escalated to the management team of the call centre for urgent attention.

Thank you for the wonderful words for Mpho, this has been forwarded to her management team.

We are really sorry for your bad experience with us and hope, you will give us a chance to offer you a level of service desired by you.

CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK watsondv Time and Date 21:18:43 | Tue 1 Oct 13
Over the Moon: But only thanks to Mpho she needs GOLD Stars


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