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Multi-tech College

INDUSTRY Education
BRANCH / AREA Welkom, Free State COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 11:57 Thu 10 Oct PERSON RESPONSIBLE George, The Principle...
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Multi-Tech College Fails to COMMUNICATE

I went to multi-tech college so that I could improve my matric marks. A week before the exams I went to Johannesburg to commence examinations, and I was told u was not registered.
After the first complaint on this site, Multi-tech college failed to contact me. I had to take the first step in communicating with the Principle of the College, George (+27768305717). When I asked him when the first payment would be, he was very abrupt and asked me if 'Going to Hello Peter was a good thing to do?' I then responded with the fact that I had been waiting since April for my refund on failed education promise. To date I have only received R300 of the R2500 I HAD PAID TO WRITE exams, then being told I WAS NOT REGISTERED. I had asked for information on repayment dates and amounts. NO ANSWER/NO RESPONSE. When I recently called I was told the next payment would be on Tuesday, when college re-opens (8/10/2013). I am still waiting...I have just received a text stating 'we are waiting for a transfer on Monday' Risking all here is my number for any help, info or simple steps for this situation. (+27729198583) Please ask Multi-Tech to pay me as per their contract.


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Thu 18 September 2014
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