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3.3/10 hpi
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10 hours ago
Reviewed by LN87 5

No Feedback and Response

On the 11th of April I contacted DSTV since I was having problems linking my smartcard to my DSTV account on the website. I called in and the agent advised me to send an email to the support team. I d...

11 hours ago
Reviewed by tshego-sekhute 1

Unallocated Payments and Unexplained reconnection fees charged

I am extremely upset with DSTV Services. We have spend countless amounts of time on the phone with DSTV due to an Unallocated payment made on the 4th of April. Communicated with over 10 consultants an...

12 hours ago
Reviewed by FBhayat01 12

Worst Service Ever

Multichoice never gives any statements by post or email. It is frustrating. Wheyou call them, they say they can't help, we must go online. Online versions are at least two months old. Whenever Im payi...

12 hours ago
Reviewed by josiel 3

DSTV Explora Price Lock 'Deal'

Why cant a customer call in to acquire the price locked Explora deal or sign up online. I have sent multiple SMS's to the numbers advertised by Multichoice since last year and called the DSTV call...

14 hours ago
Reviewed by bryn.wakeford 1

Terrible Service for Loyal subscriber

I've applied for the explora deal and after my application has been approved over a month ago I still haven't received my explora. I've been phoning Multichoice about this, but nobody can tell what t...

14 hours ago
Reviewed by SimoneMuller 1

Lack of Service - Accounts Nightmare!

Having just signed a 24month contract for an Explora and having followed all instructions to a tee, Multichoice accounts just can't get it right. I am billed R844.00 for the PVR which I stopped and th...

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