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INDUSTRY Consumables
BRANCH / AREA Cape Town COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 09:41 Mon 7 Oct PERSON RESPONSIBLE Noelene Feldon
CUSTOMER CRWilliams View all reports by user

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Still awaiting email

Hi There Noelene,

I am still waiting for the email as promised last week ("Please be advised that a response has been sent this morning, directly to you via e-mail, in response to your complaint on our web-site.") in connection with the below:

Dear Nivea,

I value your product incredibly highly and use it daily. Thank you for your lovely products.

However, I recently moved from England back to South Africa and was devastated to find that your Tinted Daily Moisturiser is not available in South Africa. I used this product daily in England as my foundation. I have looked everywhere, but the only tinted moisturiser I can find in SA is by Garnier (which is not a patch on yours).

Please could you tell me why this tinted moisturiser is not available in SA, and whether you could look into shipping it here? I have no doubt it will be very popular, as I have shown it to all my friends who are impressed by it.

SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Nivea Time and Date 09:49:49 | Mon 7 Oct 13
Hello CRWilliams,

An e-mail was indeed sent to you, on 1st October at 9.13 am. As I did not receive a bounce-back, I assumed you had received the e-mail. I will now re-send it to you directly.

Noelene Feldon
Consumer Affairs Consultant
for Beiersdorf Consumer Products (SA
Consumer Careline: 0860 102091 (share-call)

UPDATED RESPONSE Nivea Time and Date 15:57:14 | Mon 7 Oct 13
Hello CRWilliams,

Could you please confirm that you have received the e-mails that I have sent you ... first one 1 October at 9.13 am , second one today (7 October) 9.54 am.

Many thanks.
CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK CRWilliams Time and Date 16:37:53 | Mon 7 Oct 13
Quite Impressed: Hi Noelene,

Thanks for staying in touch. I'm afraid I have yet to receive any emails. I'll send the query again on the Nivea site in order to confirm my email address


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