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Pick 'n Pay

BRANCH / AREA Fearie Glen COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 13:29 Wed 25 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE Floor Management
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This is really unfair

I walk into the hypermarket on Saturday monring, would have most likely bought 4kg of HTH clorine for the pool with the other groceries on our list. Right in the entrance is a stack of HTH 11kg buckets with a huge plackard showing a price of R219 each. I take a bucket a this is a very good price. Get home later and to my surprise I paid R289 for this product. This is ludecrious and unacceptable. We bought 3 trolleys full of stuff since we only go there once in a month and live 60km away. Certainly I cannot check every price, remember them, unpack the trolleys and watch the kids. I simply feel cheated.
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Pick 'n Pay Time and Date 13:54:27 | Wed 25 Sep 13
Hello JJASmit,

Please accept our apologies for this poor pricing incident.

I have escalated this matter to the Store GM as well as our Inland Hyper Region for their investigation and resolution, and they will be in contact with you shortly.

Kind regards
Wendy-Lee Millar
Customer Care

Ref. 8001105034
CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK JJASmit Time and Date 09:12:06 | Sun 12 Jan 14
Utterly Disgusted: I have yet to hear from them...


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