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 RMCS Complaint



INDUSTRY Telecommunications
BRANCH / AREA johannesburg COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 15:47 Thu 7 Nov PERSON RESPONSIBLE Tsholofelo Mogotsi
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Call Centre!!

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Incompetence and bad service.Shut RMCS

I have never had to deal with such incompetence bunch of people in my life.I did not ask for the phone to be converted to this stupid contract..Ive asked for proof that i agreed to the contract still nothing.Its now week 3 and still i have no joy. Thato Phorabavhu promised that this will be cancelled in 24hrs, then Bobo Mbanjwa im still without BIS.I have requested a recording and nothing.Yesterday the phone was dropped in my ear by a Janine. i have just finished speaking to Bongani and his checking how far is my query and that took about 10mins of me holding and was transferred to Paulina Mokhele who is a suprevisor who tells em they were off line.
Mr CEO Terrence Lazard your company is doing us huge injustice!!!!!

Edgars shut this callcentre as they are doing huge injustice to us or i must just cancel the account altogether.With the TFC COMING NEXT YEAR RMC WILL THE 1ST TO BE NAILED!!!!!


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Fri 24 October 2014
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