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 Sa Getaways Complaint


Sa Getaways

INDUSTRY Hospitality
BRANCH / AREA Durban COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 12:59 Wed 9 Oct PERSON RESPONSIBLE Roland Naidoo
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CTC Distributors & SA Getaways **** Artists

I get a phone call to tell me I won 2 Holiday vouchers worth R 8000.00 each and I just have to pay R399.00 per voucher, so I only got the one. First it took 3 months for my voucher to get to me, then when I got it, i tried to make a reservation, but every time they came back with an excuse as to why it never happened. I then asked for my money back and then get told that they do not have the money to refund to me, but they can offer me another solution, yet another **** called SAFESAVER, when I declined this and asked for my money back, they apparently referred my details to the refund department. I am now being ignored by the Director, Roland Naidoo, the manager Aron and everybody else. They are supposed to be a Christian company, but they are a bunch of thieving *****!
Its been nearly 8 months, and still no service.


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Wed 17 September 2014
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