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 Sheriff's Office Complaint


Sheriff's Office

INDUSTRY Government
BRANCH / AREA cape town COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 15:52 Mon 16 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE Carol Poole and Xolil...
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Corrupt Sheriffs in Cape Town

Our house was sold on auction in 2011. It appears that the Sheriff auctioning was working with the purchasers of the property who are estate agents (Platinum Property Cape Town). We got a rescission on the judgement, but the estate agent continued with the transfer even though the bond was never paid off nor were we given any proceeds. The Sheriff evicted my parents (who are elderly pensioners) from the home 3 weeks ago (that is 2 and half years after it was sold on auction). According to court documents, the Sheriff accepted the payment from Property Cafe 1 year after the sale on auction, however, the Sheriff signed off on the transfer to Platinum Properties 3 months before they received payment from Platinum. It has been 2& half years now and we have still not received that money, nor has our bond been cancelled. The Sheriff claims to have this R1.4million in their account but refuses to give us this money. Instead they have been avoiding our calls&have been threatening us. Both Carol Poole&Xolile Ngesi from Sheriff office in Cpt have been extremely rude, cutting our calls and banging the phone on both us& our attorney.Xolile even personally came to our house to have us removed


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Sat 30 August 2014
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