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 Spur Steak Ranches Complaint


Spur Steak Ranches

INDUSTRY Restaurant
BRANCH / AREA Canal Walk COUNTRY South Africa
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Mexico Spur - Canal Walk Burger Special ****

Hi there,
Last night it came to my attention that the owner/manager is quite clever, but scamming people like this a bit. The procedure they follow is the following:
We ordered burgers the same as we usually do. We took the Goodie Burgers and ordered drinks with it. When the bill arrived, I saw that there were burgers on that we never took, so I thought they might have got the order wrong? Then I realized they are being rather clever, what happened is that they rang up the burgers as normal Spur Burgers. So they don't ring up the burgers ordered and then you just pay for the most expensive one, the charge you a gourmet sauce price with it. So taking 4 burgers you should pay for the 2 most expensive, instead they end up making you pay for 2 spur burgers, receive 2 free, and then pay R 9,95 per burger (that means for all 4) for the sauce, to make it a Goodie Burger. The terms and conditions state that you only pay for sauce if you take it extra. I'm no poorer after this exercise, but thought this **** needs to be addressed.

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SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Spur Steak Ranches Time and Date 14:02:38 | Wed 18 Sep 13
Hello michielbester,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read and comment on your claims of this promotion being a scam. The promotional material states, "Buy any single Beef, Chicken, Rib, Soya or Texan Blaze Burger (only available from Adult Main Menu) and get another one free".

The other T&C's state:
oIf you choose to have two different burgers, the more expensive burger will be charged for.
oShould a customer order a Sauce (R6.95) or a Gourmet Sauce (R9.95) these will be charged for.
oAvailable all day, Monday. Eat-In only.

The sauce burgers are not included here, i.e.: cheddamelt, goodie, etc. however, it ends up being 6 of one and half a dozen of another, i.e.: on the menu a Goodie burger is R62.90 whilst a Spur burger is R52.90. If we make up the Goodie burger (for the Monday promo) it would be R52.90 + R9.95 for the "sauce" = R62.85

We hope that this might have cleared up any confusion.

Kind regards
Bev Cornwell
Customer Care Manager
CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK michielbester Time and Date 10:41:36 | Tue 28 Jan 14
Not Impressed: There was never stated that this is the way it works. It was always buy one and get one free, you pay for the most expensive of the two chosen.

Very rude and unprofessional, getting very clever by pulling these tricks without stating the changes anywhere.


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