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BRANCH / AREA Head office COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 11:49 Sat 26 Oct PERSON RESPONSIBLE Complaints department
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Airtime **** by the bank

I'm a loyal standard bank client and really getting tired of this bank. I normally by my airtime through Internet bank, on Friday the 25 oct I did what I normally do login into standard bank internet banking to purchase air, the transection went through but even today I have not received my airtime. I called the std bank call center to report this and was told to wait, I was transferred to the complaints dep and they told me its not thier problem I have to get hold of cellc and demand my airtime. I asked the consult which cellc dep deal with such problems from std bank cliants. I really getting tired of the bank and have found my self complaining every two moths its getting out of hand "my banking is no longer being moved forward". Instead I find myself moving backward. I decided to open a nedbank account are currently getting my older, youngest and my mother to also follow me. I've banked with std bank for my years and moved more that a mil rands of business through the individually and this is how they continue treating thier loyal cliants. I reached a point where anyone close to me will have to relook thier stay with std bank
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Standard Bank Time and Date 10:58:51 | Mon 28 Oct 13
Hello sello_patrick,

Thank you for your posting and allowing us an opportunity to investigate your complaint.

This matter will be assigned to a resolution specialist who will contact you to resolve your complaint.

Kind regards

Complaint Resolution Centre
0860 101 101
011 636 8860 (fax)
UPDATED RESPONSE Standard Bank Time and Date 11:25:36 | Thu 31 Oct 13
Hello sello_patrick,

Thank you for allowing us the time to look into your matter. We apologise for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.

As per our discussion dated 31/10/2013, we hope that you are comfortable with our response.

Please feel free to contact us again for any further information or assistance.

Kind regards
Deon Rosenberg
Service Recovery Unit
0860 101 101
Standard Bank
CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK sello_patrick Time and Date 11:42:52 | Thu 31 Oct 13
Over the Moon: Thanks to Deon, but STD bank needs to really educate and improve on the first line consultants. Thank you to Deon.


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