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INDUSTRY Telecommunications
BRANCH / AREA Greymont COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 19:45 Sat 11 Jan PERSON RESPONSIBLE telkom
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ADSL not being fixed

My 4 meg adsl line has been mostley a 1 meg line for the pas year, evey time I log a fault with telkom it gets fixed for a week then its back to 1 meg. It has come to a point where im am not being attended to anymore by telkom.
My last fault report to telkom was on the the 29th/12/13 ref: 37BRK291213 . I have also found out from my ISP that the exchange im on is too full which is most likely why im getting these low speeds and why telkom cant resolve my problem yet they are happy to charge me for a full service. My hope is that telkom will upgrade my exchange so 1. I can have a functioning service and 2. that I could enjoy faster speeds than 4 megs.
I have tried over and over again esculating the problem but all they say is that they will make a note of it.
Futhermore the adsl checker on telkoms website says i should be able to enjoy 10 megs but nobody either from my Isp or telkom will do it , and wont give me a reason why not.

I hope by writing this on Hello Peter I will get a better responce and some feedback More importantly A working service that i am paying for...
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Telkom Time and Date 16:21:10 | Wed 15 Jan 14
Hello RichardSCH,

Thank you for your post.

Kindly be advised that the matter has been escalated to the relevant department for further investigation. We will provide you with feedback.

Your escalation reference number is ARS 241551 .

We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Innocentia Tsoku


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