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 Telkom Complaint



INDUSTRY Telecommunications
BRANCH / AREA Gauteng COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 11:01 Tue 14 Jan PERSON RESPONSIBLE Victor Govinden
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No Service from an arrogant parastatal

I reported my faulty ADSL connection that Telkom supplied on the 7th of January and to date it has not been repaired. I call them everyday and it takes more than half an hour to get through to speak to someone only to be told that they cannot tell me when it will be fixed. I run a business and am dependent on the Telkom service and when I entered into the contract with them they promised me a 24 hour turn around time. It seems like Telkom lives in the dark ages and can only get away with this shoddy service because they are a parastatal. If there were other providers I will cancel my service and move to them without question.
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Telkom Time and Date 08:45:31 | Fri 28 Feb 14
Hello vgovinden,

Customer was contacted on 0823756688 Victor his internet is working


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