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INDUSTRY Financial
BRANCH / AREA Gauteng COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 19:32 Sat 22 Feb PERSON RESPONSIBLE Leon de Wet
CUSTOMER Flyswatter View all reports by user

Pyramid Scheme / No Re...

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TISSA Misrepresents NO Jobs NO Refund

TISSA will not refund my joining fee after discovering that they are not what they advertised.
I want my money back from TISSA who does not provide any direct jobs to his customers.
TISSA claims to provide jobs, but they do not. TISSA is not directly providing any employment, unless the job is to resell TISSA. TISSA behaves as a pyramid scheme, they misrepresent their offer. Post joining is only when one discovers that TISSA misrepresents its service. TISSA must restructure their advertising campaign to include the actual service they offer. I want my refund based on the fact that TISSA is not what they advertise, they misrepresent, they are a pyramid scheme and I want nothing to do with them.
I want my money back.
SUPPLIER'S RESPONSE Tissa Time and Date 08:35:47 | Mon 24 Feb 14
Hello Flyswatter,

I see that you are a member of our Home Career. Your statements is totally false! We did supply you with everything as advertised. Please note that ONLY ONE of the 11 job opportunities is the "My @Home Representative" where you can earn commission on our products.
Please login with your username and password to access everything as advertised. We have many happy members and people ALL OVER THE WORLD is earning money with our products.

The jobs you have access to include:

1. Global Data Entry Processing
2. Traditional Online Data-Entry Clerk
3. Transcription Audio Data Entry
4. Data Collection/Researcher
5. Certified Field Auditor
6. Web Proof-reader Business
7. Content Article Provider
8. Blog Posting
9. Article Revenue Sharing
10. Response Typist
11. @Home Career Representative

If you need any assistance go to our professional Desktop Support System


We do refund our clients if they earned less than R12000pm after 6 months with an valid effort. A valid effort is about 2-3 hours per day. The money back guarantee is clearly stated on all our advertisements.


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