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 Ubuntu Security Complaint


Ubuntu Security

BRANCH / AREA Gauteng COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 15:17 Thu 11 Jul PERSON RESPONSIBLE Who knows
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They really do not car...

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Very disappointed

When it comes to your safety I think everyone can agree that your security company must provide you with peace of mind. I am looking to switch from our current supplier as their service ***** completely. So naturally you phone the guys you see signboards for, namely Ubuntu Security. Low and behold. Tried to phone them. no answer. I phoned every single number i could get my hands on, including the panic number, yet no answer. Then i try their office number again. I get through. The lady didnt even ask me why i was phoning she immediately transferred me mid sentence. Then i found a cell number on the net. Eventually a lady picked up. I told her my situation and guess what she does? She refers me to the office. What rubbish. At least now I know that if they aren't even serious about getting new business how on earth will they protect my family? Be very careful when considering these guys.


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Sat 19 April 2014
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