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Winterfell Kennels

BRANCH / AREA Pretoria COUNTRY South Africa
TIME / DATE 12:09 Mon 2 Sep PERSON RESPONSIBLE Pieter Fourie / Morne...
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Do not buy from Winterfell Kennels

I had to euthanize my 4 mnth "pure bred" weimaraner after she was diagnosed with hereditary and genetical conditions - Spina bifida, larangeal paralysis and polyneuropathy complex along with dwarfism. She weighed only 7.4kg at 21 weeks and was the size of an 8 week old pup. All the vets and specialist insisted that the breeder be informed not to breed again and that her siblings are also not allowed to as they will carry forward this defects. I brought it under the breeder and SACBR's attention and to this day I am still awaiting for Mr. Fourie to return my calls and mails, each time I need to send him my cell nr. or he doesn't check the provided mail address as it is only used when there is litters. The mom and breeding conditions are not to view, the excuse is that the "farm" is to far off and his parents will bring the puppies for viewing. On gumtree, OLX etc. his mom was also selling puppies Labradors x weimaraners and ridgebacks x weimaraners, also from the "farm" obviously at a much cheaper price seeing that their not SACBR registered. The mom (Roxy)'s dad also NEVER was a champion another lie. Please only KUSA registration is recognized,


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Tue 02 September 2014
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