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3 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Nosy9992 1


  Good day I went to African bank today 21.07.2016 to enquire about the outstanding balance on my loan, they gave me a phone to contact the collection department . I spoke to one of the consultants...

3 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by ivan-visser-1 2

Sales Midrand

Afternoon David   I unfortunately did not think of getting all your details before, however you called me about a week or two ago? maybe as far as three weeks ago!   However ,you did call from th...

3 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Maphefom123 1

Unresolved Query

I have a perosnal loan with African Bank and I have since requested a discounted settlement figure. In March 2013 ,i went under debt review as i was having financial difficulties and I withdrawn in 2...

3 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Lemo-T 3

Monthly Instalment...

I have a loan with the African Bank. I have been paying very well since last year. It happened last year in November that a misunderstanding occured between us. First time when I called in to enquire,...

4 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by VuyelwaMa 2

Incorrect Debit

On 22 June I called the African Bank Call Centre and changed my Debit Order date from the 20th to the last day of the month effective  July and I even received a Ref number confirming the change. I th...

5 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Winston3031 2

branch manager on study leave so can't activate card

I went to get a new credit card at carlton center cause my card expired.card was processed but cannot be activated cause branch manager is on study leave.No one knows when the manager will be back so...

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