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Financial Services
Reviewed by Noremac5953 1

Just want to settle an up to date account.

I understand that I signed a contract a few years ago, and I have fully brought my part to the table in not missing an installment once. 31 installments at about 1200 a pop, means I have fully paid up...

23 hours ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Mickey187 13

****ing Idiots

Surprise Surprise. Again I have a statement in the wrong inbox this morning. I am contacting my lawyers today because now I will be getting a warning at work. Luckily I have all the proof where you sa...

1 day ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Dieso 2

African bank

I called to block my credit card , the guy was half a sleep spoke soft and when I responded screamed at me . He did not care at all no customer service no greeting nothing . Kept quiet for long period...

2 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by rose-maja 2


Last year September I took out a loan with with African bank with an amount of R installment is R330 so recently I when I was going through my statements emailed to me I noticed something stra...

3 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Tshepiso Molepo 3

No correct details for debt collector

I have credit card with African Bank which is in errears because I was unemployed for over a year, I have been paying R200 monthly but now my account is handed over to the debt collector.   I know w...

3 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Mickey187 13


Are you people completely ****ing stupid or do you just like to annoy the ****ing **** out of me. You make me ****ing sick. How many times must a person ask you to change my ****ing email address. Go...

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African Bank