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Flemix and Associates Inc

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Financial Services
Reviewed by Mr Thango 5


Two years ago (2014) a garnishee was put against me a Std Bank Credit Card I had defaulted on. Even though it was  a ridiculous amount was finally paid up in August (2016). Unfortunately the garnishee...

1 month ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Ntlhakie 6

Flemix and associates are repping me off

  I had standard bank credit card which was handed over to flemix and associates and they have since garnished me  in 2012 and prior to garnish, I dint receive a letter of demand or summons  but what...

1 month ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by BoityR 1

Garnished order

I was garnished by sa multi loan, the loan amount was R4500 in 2012 and but I'm still paying flemix even to date, the amount keep on increasing

3 months ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by l1986 10

no proof of debt

to this day still no proof of debt has been given but you somehow managed to get a judgement without signed loan documents. tossing apaid up loan in my face as proof of debt when all they have is a un...

5 months ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by lynne-singleton 3
1 2

Threats and lies

Received an sms accusing me of defaulting on an arrangement and threatening me with legal action  I dont even know who these people are!!!!

7 months ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Mrs. Mohammed 19

worst service

i don't know how many times i must sent emails to get a simple answer. i've sent numerous email to Beth-Maree Leen, Zante van der merwe, as well as to the [Email Removed] mailbox since Tuesday and to...

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Flemix and Associates Inc