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Creditworx (S&V)

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3 days ago
Reviewed by WandaGumbi 2

Annoying creditworx

Creditwprx calls me about my netstar bill and I tell them I will pay 150 and they say no I have to pay 300. I ask them which law States that I have to pay what they want and not what I can afford and...

4 days ago
Reviewed by Trinesh09 4

still awaiting paid up letter

I paid my african bank account through creditworx and i requested my paid up letter yet they refuse to help me and laugh in my ear.these guys feel untouchable is there no way to report them

4 days ago
Reviewed by Trinesh09 4

Bad service bad attitude

Called for a paid up letter the consultant laughed in my ear and hung up.i paid my account nd they cant send a simple letter

5 days ago
Reviewed by tiende 7

can not stop phoning and mail

if you try to asked for there account nr they refused to gave it to you and they do not want to excepted our offer.   so if we can not pay more if we have we want to solve the problems but they dot...

6 days ago
Reviewed by Trinesh09 4

I need my paid up letter!!!!!!

I was called many times to pay my african bank account so i made ab arrangement then i called to settle the amount of 15811.00 and its been 2 weeks and i havnt recieved a paid up letter..can we put so...

1 month ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by ntombikg 3

Bullies from creditworx

I have been sending emails to creditworx since 2014 till today I am still getting their annoying calls about the same issu. can someone please sort this nonsense out before I take this to the ombudman

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Creditworx (S&V)