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19 hours ago
Financial Services
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Pathetic Service

I contacted Transunion on 14 December 2015 to attempt clearing my name after a sequestration. Since I was re habilated for more than a year I was told to send ID and court orders which I did the same...

1 week ago
Government & Municipality
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Terrible Shocking Servive

We reported a problem with blocked drains on 26 December 2016 with reference number ********** . On the the 6th of January 2017 I lodged a complaint on the e-Siyakhoka website reporting that although...

1 month ago
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No Assistance

I contacted FNB on 1 November 2016, asking for assistance how I can best resolve all outstanding issues they might have with me as an individual. I was sequestrated and eventually re habilitated in No...

10 months ago
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Bad Service

I have been communicating with this bank since 1 December 2015. Eventually a response was received after various requests for response on 9 February advising me that I need to contact a different depa...