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Traffic Department

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2 weeks ago
Government & Municipality
Reviewed by makungot 10


I paid R160 and started striking so couldn't right anymore and now I've got my driver's learners already so I need my refund 

1 month ago
Government & Municipality
Reviewed by mrferrari 1

Bad service at Stellenbosch Traffic Department

We as a dealership has been trying to register a new car at Stellenbosch Traffic Department but been unsuccesfull for very odd reasons. First we have to drive all the way from Cape Town to Stellenbosc...

1 month ago
Government & Municipality
Reviewed by 19780521 1

Waited for 3 months for licenses to arrive until today

I took my license test on the 7 of June 2016 I passed, they told me to call to find out if the license has arrived but I should do that after 6weeks,did call several times to be told it didn't arrive,...

1 month ago
Government & Municipality
Reviewed by Davidngoako 2

bad Service

I went to centurion traffic department to renew my driver’s license. I stood on the que for two hours until they decided to close but they closed me inside their premises. They helped me with my aye t...

1 month ago
Government & Municipality
Reviewed by yaqeen 9

Unprofessional staff and management

I arrived at 0840 to renew my licence card i was no.7 in line for the eye test, at 0935 wen it was my turn a tester brings someone who passed licence and i was told to wait agen as i entered the room....

2 months ago
Government & Municipality
Reviewed by lizemari-brits 2

Unnecessary calls

I went to make an appointment for my drivers license and they refused to give me the application papers or to let me in saying that they "unfortunately cut the line for the day", this was at 13:15, th...

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Traffic Department